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  • geefix dryway anchor fixing

GeeFix Drywall Anchors

Whether you’re a professional contractor, handyman or aspiring DIYer, you know that traditional drywall anchors have serious limitations. There’s never been a hollow wall anchor that can reliably fix heavy items such flat screen TV’s, kitchen cabinets, and grab bars, without getting loose over time. Now there is.

Designed and made in Britain, by a veteran plumber with over thirty years in the trade, GeeFix represents the cutting edge in wall anchor technology and is taking the U.K. by storm. GeeFix is a versatile heavy duty drywall anchor system with unrivaled strength. It’s suitable for all types hollow-wall installations including drywall, plasterboard, hardboard, plywood, sheet metal, chipboard, MDF, lath and plaster and other materials.

This unique product is only available direct from GeeFix.
To find out more and for all trade or retail enquiries please contact us.

How to install GeeFix Drywall Anchors