Heavy Duty Drywall Anchors

Looking for heavy duty drywall anchors? GeeFix is a versatile fixing that outperforms all other market leaders. Geefix has been tested next to Gripit fixing and Spring Toggles proving GeeFix’s unrivaled strength is stronger than market leaders making GeeFix the ultimate cavity fixing.

Independent strength tests have demonstrated GeeFix strength in the hollow wall anchor market.  It outperformed the leading brands in shear, tensile and cantilever load bearing capabilities.   These tests were carried out on ⅝ inch drywall. Industry safety standards recommend ¼ of the ultimate load. The below maximum load-testing figures are provided as guides only and cannot be guaranteed. The age, condition and capacity of base materials must be considered:

Load Test Maximum weight (lbs)
Shear 595
Tensile 156
Cantilever @ 3 inches 535
Cantilever @ 6 inches 423
Cantilever @ 12 inches 224

GeeFix is compatible on a wide variety of materials including all type of plasterboard, hardboard, plywood, sheet metal, chip board, mdf, lath and plaster. Materials as thin as 0.12” and up to a maximum thickness of 3”. You don’t need any tools to install the fixing and it takes no time at all to install.  A  first time user can install it in about a minute, then when familiar, it takes just seconds. Each GeeFix  wall anchor comes with three screws and these are suitable for fixing to all types of drywall.

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